Sunday, August 18, 2013


I had this blog when I was on the council and used it to keep people informed of some of the things we were dealing with at the Waitaki District Council, as well as events etc around the community. I liked having a forum to be able to share the information and to give people another opportunity to give their opinions as well.

In 2010 when I finished on Council, I decided to have a break from the blog as well and basically emptied it of the posts I had done previously. Now that I am standing for the mayoralty this year, I am reactivating it and if elected, I intend to keep it running as a vehicle for sharing information and issues with the wider public.

In the meantime, I will be posting regularly on here to let people know what I am up to as well as what my various policies are. The posts prior to this one are all taken from my Facebook campaign page ( ) as I thought it would be useful to have them available here for anyone else to look at. Some may have updates but for the most part, they are as they were posted. If possible, I will add dates to show when they were written.

Feel free to comment and ask questions - this is for you! As usual, please keep within the realms of good taste and be aware that any abusive comments towards anyone will be deleted.


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